Hempzilla | Disposable Pen (CBD+CBG) | 175mg


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NO VG or NO PG in this product just, full spectrum and tons of terpenes! Terpenes are the perfect additive for helping the body absorb the CBD. They also taste and smell wonderful, as many of you already know. Try all three Experiences and stock up, because you will absolutely love these babies! Pure CBD Vapors ALWAYS has the lowest price and BEST customer service!

Key Features to Remember: 

  • 175mg CBD per pen
  • Full-spectrum CBD, No Isolate
  • Ready to use, No Charging required
  • Once finished dispose in proper location

Terpene Profiles

SOCIALIZE; • Beta Caryophyllene • Myrcene • Limonene • Humulene • Linalool • Beta Pinene • Alpha Pinene • Ocimene • Terpinolene

BALANCE; • Myrcene • Beta Caryophyllene • Alpha Pinene • Humulene • Linalool • Ocimene • Limonene • Beta Pinene • Alpha Bisabolol • Terpineol

RELAX; • Myrcene • Beta Caryophyllene • Alpha Pinene • Humulene • Linalool • Ocimene • Limonene • Beta Pinene • Alpha Bisabolol

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Hempzilla | Disposable Pen (CBD+CBG) | 175mg

Where to buy Hempzilla | Disposable Pen (CBD+CBG) | 175mg online in UK

At Premium Vapes Carts UK we supply premium pre-filled cartridges, disposable vape Pens and Pax Era pods. Most Importantly our products are curated from top manufacturers nationwide. Furthermore we do wholesale to other retailers. Because of efficiency in delivery, we also sell and deliver disposable vape pens and cannabis products In the UK, USA and Canada.

Hence, we are the best. Similarly we ship to Australia, North America and South America, Africa. And Parts of Europe. BesidesAnother key factor of our success is our delivery time. We boost the shortest delivery compared to other Cannabis delivery agencies. In conclusion, Premium Vape Carts is a partner you can trust. Because we always deliver on time.

Premium Vapes UK

Where To buy Hempzilla | Disposable Pen (CBD+CBG) | 175mg Online in UK
100% safe and secure Delivery to All Locations.
Up to 30% discount with selected categories.
Secured online payments.
Discrete Packaging for International Deliveries.

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Hempzilla | Disposable Pen (CBD+CBG) | 175mg

Hempzilla | Disposable Pen (CBD+CBG) | 175mg